Top 10 Things That Can Be Done With Your Amazon Echo

After getting a new Alexa speaker what should be done next? If you wish to know the answer to it then, go through this blog carefully. Smart speakers have plenty of features. Some Amazon Echo owners sometimes even gets confused about where to begin.

10 best things that can be done with Amazon Echo

  1. For making calls

If all of the phones of your home stop working, Amazon can get them to work.

Alexa shall now be used for making calls to the Alexa devices. It can even be helpful for dropping an SMS. The person planning to call you up just needs your number. Luckily, you can also block calls.

  • For making your house a smart home

Alexa is best for handling lights and door locks. You can browse the smart home compatibility tool to know that Alexa works with what else. You can get some idea from the below-mentioned points.

  • Opening or closing the doors of your garage
  • Changing the temperature
  • For getting cooking tips and suggestions

All of you know that it can’t make food for you. However, it can surely help you with cooking. Majority of the people prefer keeping it in the kitchen at the time of cooking because of these reasons-

  • For making conversions.
  • For knowing the recipes of the world’s best dishes.
  • For playing songs.
  • For setting a timer.
  • To get the news

Alexa can let you know about what is going on in the world when you have your breakfast before leaving for work. This feature is known as the Flash Briefing.

  • Help children spend their free time

In their free time, children can spend their time playing games or songs on it.

  • Know about more

Amazon created something known as Skill Finder. It can be used for searching skills.

  • Become healthy

It can offer you suggestions for becoming a healthy person. For instance, you can go through your FitBit statistics and information related to nutrition.

  • Handling the Television

Earlier, people used to fight for the TV remote. But after the establishment of Alexa, TV can be entirely managed by the voice itself. However, setting it up is a bit time-consuming.

  • Play songs on Spotify

It is worth noting that Alexa plays songs by Amazon Music by default. But if you want to use Spotify then, you can do the modification on settings.

  • Train Alexa for making it do whatever else you would like

It can easily connect to the unsupported gadgets and applications with the help of IFTTT.

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