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Microsoft Office is a gathering of interrelated device applications, servers, and services which are assembled to refer as an office suite, for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Microsoft Office was mainly created to mechanize the manual office work with a collection of purpose-built applications. Each of the applications in the Microsoft Office serves as definite knowledge or an office domain such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, OneNote.

Office 365″ belongs to the subscription plans which includes the access to Office applications plus other productivity services or software that are allowed over the Internet (cloud services). Office 365 is the productivity application tool which is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Due to its convenient nature, it provides users to perform an official task related to the documents and accounting.

For make sure that you can take advantage of the Office 365 suite and service, you need to follow few steps of the process including download, install, and activate it.

Procedure to Download Microsoft Office 365

There are two methods to download the Office 365, you may download the Office 365 setup by using the methods given below-

  • Online Method
  • Offline Method

Online Method:

In the Online method, you have access to and purchase The Office 365 software. And after purchasing you need to download the Office 365, then follow the procedure given below to get the download to your device:

  1. Connect the device by the Internet and access to the page.
  2. Then, Open the page, and select the “option”.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to the “Office Products” page that contains the list of all Office products.
  4. On the “Office Products” page, search the “Office 365” product option either by manually or use the search
  5. After that, check the compatibility properly of the Office 365 product with the system through the product description option.
  6. Then, verify the compatibility of the product with the device,
  7. Now click on the “Buy Now and Download” button that is appearing on the right below the name of the Office product.
  8. Now, you will be asked over to “Sign in” to the Office account. Either by using the existing account or “ to create a new one”
  9. Then, click on the “Log in” button.
  10. Clicking on the “log in” button will automatically direct you to the “Payment” options
  11. On “Payment Page, ‘Enter” the details of the “Debit/ credit card” that you want to purchase of Office 365 product.
  12. Once you are finished with the payment option, an email will be sent to your registered email from Microsoft that email consists of a link to download the Office 365 subscription pack on the device.
  13. Either to click that link in the email or copy the link and paste in the URL bar of the browser
  14. Then, Click on the “Enter’ to open the Office 365 setup download page to download it.
  15. The Office 365 setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder (by default).

Offline Method

The offline method is the method which is convenient for those who are not comfortable or believe in an online purchasing. They can purchase the Office 365 subscription pack from the nearby retail shops.

If you did with an offline purchase, below are the steps discussed. follow the procedure for downloading the Office 365 setup.

  • Uncover the Office 365 Subscription CD pack.
  • Then, insert the Office 365 product CD into the CD/DVD drive.
  • And then, explore the on-screen options to initiate the downloading process.

After completing the downloading procedure. You need to install the Office 365 product on the device.

Procedure to install Microsoft Office 365

For Windows:

Below we discussed the procedure of installing Office 365 with a step-wise guide for the Windows operating system, Firstly, you need to open the “Downloads” folder of the computer.

  • In the “Downloads” folder, Double-click on the “Office 365 setup” file option.
  • Then, click on the “Yes” button to continue.
  • Wait until the Microsoft Office 365 is installed on the device.
  • Then, Click on the “Finish” button
  • The Microsoft Office 365 gets successfully installed on the device.

For Mac:

Procedure to install the Office 365 setup on the Mac device.

  1. Click on the 365 file option.
  2. Now, click on the “Next” button.
  3. Next, one window displaying on the screen “Terms and Conditions” of the Office 365 subscription pack.
  4. Click on the “I Agree” button to accept these terms and conditions.
  5. Now, click on the “Continue” option and then,“Install” button.
  6. Next, you will be prompted to enter your “Mac Password”.
  7. After, click on the “Install Software” button which is given the password field.
  8. After performing steps, the installation process will be initiated.
  9. Once Office 365 software installed on Mac Then, click on the “Finish”
  10. Now it’s done! Now, you can easily use Office 365 applications and services.

After completing the whole procedure of installing you need to activate the 365 on the system.

Procedure to Activate Microsoft Office 365

For activating the Office 365 setup on your Mac device, you need a 25-character product key. As we already discussed the key code, it will be available by 2 methods that are Online and Offline. Follow the procedure mentioned below for activating the Office 365 setup:

  1. To start with any of the Office 365 applications such as MS Word, MS Excel or any.
  2. While starting the application for the first time, you will be asked to activate the Microsoft Office 365 subscription pack.
  3. Then, Click on the “Activate”
  4. After clicking on the “Activate” button, an “Activation Wizard” will display on the screen.
  5. Then, Select the “I want to activate the software over the Internet” option and click on the “Next” button.
  6. Now, it will ask you to enter the Office product key.
  7. Then, complete the activation process by following the on-screen instruction.

The process of downloading, installing and activating is successfully completed. Now you are able to access the Microsoft Office 365 Subscription pack.

Microsoft Office Customer Support

After following the aforementioned procedure, you need any of the help regarding the Office setup 365 subscription pack, then you can contact the Microsoft customer support. For instant help, dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support.

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