How to Watch Netflix on Smart TV

Netflix has many exciting features which include Internet video streaming. The services of Netflix allow users to watch huge choices of the movie online. There are many ways through which you can watch movies on your television at home. Netflix is also supported in Smart TV.

The steps of watching movies on Netflix are listed below:

  1. Describe whether your TV is a Smart TV.

Netflix is an application which can only use in Smart TV’s as this application needs a home Wi-Fi connection. Go through your TV’s settings or menu to check if you have a Smart TV that can support this type of application. Your remote has a button to start Smart TV applications.

  • Your TV will show an application logo, including Netflix, which would indicate that it is a Smart TV.
  • You can search on the website to know your TV support Netflix by entering your TV model number.
  1. Connect your Smart TV to your home Wi-Fi.

Firstly, you have to connect home Wi-Fi to your Smart TV to stream Netflix. There are two ways to connect Wi-Fi on your Smart TV, depending on your TV:

  • Ethernet– Most of the Smart TV have Ethernet ports that permit you to connect them to the router. To link to your home Wi-Fi, you have to plug Ethernet cable into the router and the TV.
  • Wi-Fi– Nowadays, many of the new Smart TV have wireless adapters in it from which you can easily connect to your Wi-Fi. You should have wireless adaptors to use it on the TV. Start the network menu on the TV and choose your home Wi-Fi. If your home Wi-Fi is secured, then you have to type a password on TV.
  1. Start Smart TV applications.

On the smart TV remotes, it has a button that starts the applications list. This button contains a logo or has the name of your TV brand. Instead of using cable box you should use your TV remote.

  • Panasonic – Click the “Applications” tab.
  • LG – Search for the “My Applications” tab.
  • Sony – Click the “Internet Applications” or Netflix tab.
  • Samsung – It has a multicolor cube tab.
  1. Press the Netflix application.

Most of the TV has Netflix tab on their remote, but it depends on the brand of the TV.

  • Install Netflix application from an app store, if you can’t find it.
  • To use streaming application, you have to update your TV’s firmware first. You can install the file on your PC, then copy it to a USB drive, and after that load it into your TV. Enter your TV model’s names so that you get proper instructions.
  1. Sign in with your Netflix account.

Start the application, and you will ask to sign in first with your Netflix account. Type your login details and then choose your profile. Remember, not every Smart TV  supports the Netflix application.

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