How to Send Text Messages from Windows With Your Phone App

One of the most notable features in Windows 10 2018 October Update is the Phone app. It enables you to connect your phone to your Windows 10 Pc and synchronize  photos, texts and other items between the devices. In this blog we will discuss how to send text messages from Windows using the Your Phone App. The company lately has added the feature for syncing the SMS messages.

Steps for sending texts from Windows using the Your Phone app

For sending text messages:

  1. Instigate the Your Phone app and tap on “Messages” In left panel.
  2. Tap on “See texts button” and give permission to Microsoft to access your messages.
  3. Now on your phone, confirm notification to permit your Phone to access messages and the contacts.
  4. Since you are connected now, your contacts and the previous messages will sync from your phone to app.
  5. Now, you need to send a text.
  6. Tap on the “New Message” button and look for the contact you need.
  7. Type in the message and tap on Send.

You may use the keyboard to type your message, or you can also use a pen to write your message which uses Microsoft Inking technology if you have a touch-enabled device like a Surface.

  1. If you live in the US, you can use your voice for dictating a message.
  2. Now click Windows key + H, and a box of dictation will open at the top of your screen, and you can begin to speak.

Your Phone app is in early stages of development and has many flaws. Your message may sync in real-time, and at other time it may take many minutes. If you have an Android phone and you want to text from PC, you may want to stick with the Android Messages on the Web.

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