How to Pin Apps to the Windows 10 Taskbar

Many times, we find it hassling to look for an app or program in the list of All Programs. There are many apps which people use frequently. For example, if you are a scholar who is working on a thesis, then you might have to open Microsoft Word n number of times in a day. Now, if you had it right there on the taskbar, can you imagine how convenient and time-saving it would be? In Windows 10, you can not only pin an application to the start, but you can also pin it to the taskbar.

When you pin an app to the taskbar, it means that its shortcut will be present in the toolbar itself. Therefore, you will not have to open the Start menu to find the app. Also, if you do not want to clutter your Desktop, then pinning an app to the taskbar may be a better option for you.

Here are some ways through which you can pin an app to the taskbar

From Desktop

  1. Just pick the application you wish to pin to the taskbar.
  2. Click on the app’s shortcut icon located at the desktop and hold it.
  3. After that, while holding the app, just drag it to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When you drag the app to the taskbar, you will notice the button called “Pin to Taskbar,”
  5. Now, let go of the mouse and drop the app to the taskbar.
  6. Now, the program or app will get pinned to the taskbar.

From Start menu

  1. Click on the Start button located at the lower left hand of the screen. You may also hit the Win key.
  2. Now, the Start menu will open.
  3. If you use the app frequently, then it will be in the Most Used area. If you have just installed the app, then you will find it in Recently added. Or else, just go to All apps located in the left column of the Start menu. It is the last option.
  4. After clicking All apps, a list of all the installed applications will appear. They will be listed in alphabetical order.
  5. From the list of all apps, locate the one you wish to pin.
  6. Right-click on the app and a drop-down list will come.
  7. Select the first option: Pin to Start.

Note: If the app has already been pinned to the taskbar, then you will get the option to Unpin it from Start.

  1. Go to the More option.
  2. Now, you will get the option for pinning the app to the taskbar.
  3. Click on Pin to taskbar.

From File Explorer

  1. Go to the Start menu. Click on File Explorer located in the left-hand column.
  2. Alternatively, click on the File Explorer shortcut which is pinned to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Go to the location where the app is.
  4. Click on Program Files.
  5. All the installed apps will be listed in the Program Files window.
  6. Click on the application you have to pin to the taskbar.
  7. Right click on the Application located in that app’s folder.
  8. Now, from the drop-down menu, select the Pin to taskbar option.

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