Unlock These Hidden Features on Your Apple TV for the Ultimate Experience

Apple TV is redefining the way we view entertainment (pun definitely intended).

The features on the new Apple TV go to show how technology is progressing. Apple TV is much more than just your plain old Television. It is an experience. The basic functions of a TV are upgraded to additional features such as streaming online media, accelerometer and gyroscope for gaming, and interfacing with other iOS devices. The Apple TV is loaded with hidden treasures that even those using the device for years may not have discovered. Thus, here are some hidden features that you should unlock and make use of for the ultimate Apple experience.

Around The World Through Screensavers

Leaving your Apple TV idle will result in breathtakingly gorgeous photos splashing on your screen. If you go to Settings, choose Screensaver and then Aerial, you will be rewarded with majestic aerial videos of cities playing on your screen. However, if you wish to personalize these screensavers, you can do that too. Simply go to Settings, select Screensaver and in the Type menu, choose My Photos. All your smiling pictures will flit across the screens.

New TV, New Resolution

You can change your Apple TV’s screen resolution according to the media input. Head over to your Apple TV’s settings from the main screen. Select Audio and Video from the menu and tap on TV Resolution. Select the desired resolution. If you are unsure, set it to Auto and let your smart TV decide it for you!

Find Your Way Home

If you have opened way too many applications, navigating back to home can take forever. But the quickest way to make it back to the homescreen is by pressing on the Home button one time. If you wish to review all the apps that you have opened, then press the Home button twice.

Different Users, Different Accounts

Sharing your Apple TV can get frustrating, especially when you don’t share the same taste as them. Use individual Apple IDs to set up separate accounts for all those who have access to the Apple TV. Go to Settings from the homescreen. Then tap on Accounts followed by a tap on iTunes and App Store. Choose Add New Apple ID. Enter the details of the Apple ID that you wish to add and then click Continue. Key in your Apple ID and password to authorize the addition of the new Apple ID. Repeat the process to add more accounts. You can switch between accounts from the Settings.

Put Your TV to Sleep

You can put your Apple TV to Sleep in just two clicks. Long press the Home button until you receive the message asking if you wish to put your Apple TV to sleep. Select Sleep and the device will power down. You can press on any button or swipe on the touch pad to wake up your Apple TV. You may also put your TV on auto sleep after defined periods of idleness. Simple go to Settings, then General and tap on Sleep After. Once you have set the time, the Apple TV will automatically sleep once the time lapses.

Aren’t these hidden features simply amazing? Use them to wow your friends the next time when they are over. Or simply use them to make your user experience better.

Have fun with your Apple TV!

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