Google inbox app soon to shut down

What is “Inbox by Gmail”

Inbox by Gmail is an email service which was developed by Google. It was officially released on 28 May 2018. The Inbox serves as a “Totally different kind of inbox,” created to focus specifically on what is important. It is available on the web and through mobile apps for the iOS and Android. Inbox by the Gmail aims to improve the productivity of emails and the organization with the help of many key features. Bundles gather emails of the same topic altogether, It highlights surface key details from the messages and enables users to control when some specific information appears. Inbox by the Gmail has generally received positive reviews. When it was launched, It was known as pretty, pleasant and easily navigable. Its features seemed helpful in finding the right messages.

“Shutting down the service

But in September 2018, Google has announced it will end the service in upcoming March 2019. Google is getting bowed to the unavoidable and shut down Inbox email app. Although the users have the time until March to jump over to Gmail. It is although sad for the fans but not surprising news.  Four years ago, Google came up with Inbox as a fresh new email app that lived along with Gmail. It came with so many new ideas about how could the email work with the old standbys like ‘snoozing’ and some more original ideas like “bundling.”  Many of the features in Gmail were loved well. Inbox provides a way to manage the onslaught of the email which made it easy to process the messages. Although the Inbox didn’t look at enough updates to rationalize its reputation, it did such an excellent job of integrating the tasks with the emails; this will be missed.

Redesign of the “Gmail”

  • In April, Google released a complete redesign of Gmail that incorporated almost all the important features of inbox such as snoozing, connected tasks list, etc
  • According to Google, there are still some features, which “bundles” the similar group emails together in the single block. This will come to Gmail, but there is no word yet on the timeline.
  • It is probably right that Google is focusing on one app for email- “Gmail.” Inbox has executed excellent ideas about how to make the email less of an Index by adding a more spirited feature.

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