5 Chrome Extensions to Beat Procrastination and Boost Productivity

Everything is messed up out there on the web. You may be struggling to get some meaningful work done to pay some bills, but suddenly your Facebook starts whispering “recheck me, recheck me.” After some time, the amount of work that is done by you will be very less. You need some useful tools to beat procrastination and be a productive genius. There are some of the extensions to beat procrastination.

1- StayFocusd

It is an amazing and very easy to use plugin that permits you to specify the maximum duration of time per day for sites on the block list. Once you have crossed the maximum time, those sites will itself become inaccessible for the rest of the day. It is possible that if you have deactivated or deleted the extension, then you can get around the restriction. Once you are on site, you want to restrict access to then tap the stay focused, and you will see a pop-up. Maximum time of browsing per day will be set by default to 10 minutes. You can go to the settings, and change that particular value to whatever you want.

2- The Challenge

While you can get around restrictions by deleting the plugin, StayFocused will give you a task to accomplish if you want to override the settings. It is neither easy nor very difficult. It may make you think twice about having to see skateboarding the dogs again.

3- BlockSite

The prominent feature of Blocksite is that it is not a time-limited blocking feature. It merely blocks specific websites till you remove them from the block list. Many of the writes totally appreciate this extension. You can just deactivate extension if you do not require it. You can even add a website to block and then delete it later on. You can block adult websites and an easy blocking list where you may add and remove the sites just in seconds.

4- Nanny for Google Chrome

It is notable for being able to block using keywords. Nanny is extremely customizable. With each of the URL that you want to restrict. Simply type URL and what days this block should apply. Specify the period in the day when extension should be active.

5- Simple Blocker

Just go to settings and type the sites that are evil and are meant to be blocked. Just set the sleep timer for how long you want them blocked off. Pure blocker has two features; one is being able to lock down extensions menu in Chrome and the second is to enable the plugin into Incognito Mode.

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