5 Best Google Maps Alternatives for Daily Use

Undoubtedly, Google Maps is one of the greatest map services that are generally seen on the web. However, if you are looking forward to trying something new other than Google Maps, there are some best alternatives for daily use that can probably replace Google Maps. In this post, we’ll take a look on top 7 Google Maps alternatives.

5 Best Google Maps alternatives

  1. Here WeGo
  2. Bing Maps
  3. Sygic Maps
  4. OpenStreetMap
  5. MapQuest

5 of these best Google Maps alternatives are:

  1. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is probably the best Google Maps alternative. It is helpful in finding different routes to go from one place to another. It makes it easy for people to find roads with public transport support, for the personal car, bike, taxi, etc. Here WeGo provides an option called “Places;” this lets you find different places including hotels, petrol pump, restaurants, coffee shop, and many more. Moreover, the “Traffic” section helps you find the traffic condition of any particular place you want to go.

  1. Bing Maps

Bing Maps is yet another brilliant map service considered as one of the best Google Maps alternatives, and this comes to you from Microsoft. Consequently, you can look forward to having an outstanding user experience from this map service. It doesn’t bother whether you want to find a route to go from one to another place or see whether there is any coffee shop or hotels etc. around a particular location. Similar to Google Maps, you are given all those things with proper details. Although, getting as many results as Google Maps provides is always hard, no matter where you visit, yet in Bing Maps, If you select a route, you can easily find the current traffic conditions as well.

  1. Sygic Maps

Similar to other standard maps, here also, you can find various options while choosing a route. For instance, you can select which form of transport you want to use. One of the best things is finding different ways for the different mode of transportation. Even though this might be unavailable for every location; you are more likely to get this feature available in most of the locations. However, Sygic Maps takes little more time than other maps to complete loading. It can be proven as a drawback if you are in a hurry.

  1. OpenStreetMap

If you want to find the address of any location you want to go, OpenStreetMap can help you a lot in reaching your destination. You can begin with just clicking on any building on the map; doing so will show you the address. In most probability, this app shows the correct address. The user interface may not be the most attractive thing here, but it comes with some useful features. For example, you can easily select a location and share that with anyone available on the same network. Also, you can embed a map on a webpage and save a map in a range of standard image formats and many more. With the exception of that, you can change the map layer, specifically, Standard, Transport Map, Cycle Map, and Humanitarian.

  1. MapQuest

Last but not least, MapQuest is the most useful only when you are in the USA. Although that doesn’t say that you cannot use it is India or any other state, but if you do, it is less likely to be up to the mark. However, US citizens are provided with an ability to find routes from any location to another location. It offers routes “fo Cae” and walking only. It makes it even more convenient to find hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, gas station, grocery stores, and many more. While it doesn’t offer an offline mode, it can let you print the map of any location if you want.

These are the five best Google Maps alternatives you can try using in your daily life. Hope these guidelines will be useful to you. All the best!

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